yesssss! I agree with you. Fight! Fight for your nuggets. My brother’s ex took his only daughter, moved states away. The little girl has had a rough life. He has to pay child support and yet gets no rights to see her. No holidays. No nothing besides to pay and he did nothing wrong. He really only loved her. He just didnt want to be with her mom andymore and the move was pissed off that a man really wouldnt want to be with her. Like wtf. The family court says they are working on it – its been 5 years. She is turning 15 this year. He has missed so many years and just been a piggy bank to the mom. The little girl only benefits from the money if we sneak her a gift card or cash here and there and we get it passed the mom without her knowing. He wasnt a dead beat dad either. But beings as she is 15 now – shoot its only 2 or 3 more years and it wont be the courts decision where she goes or the moms decision. At this point, might as well let the time play out instead asking the courts for anything cuz for real, they really didnt do anything. With all that said, I really do wish you luck! Hope your story ends different then my brothers.