Easy Advice for a Tough Situation

We have an agreement.. or do we?

Hello world. I am back after a lengthy absence. Its been an interesting last 6 months. Covid happened, life happened….Trudy happened.

For those of you who have followed this blog, you will remember that I moved to Trudy’s city to be closer to the kids. I needed to be close to my kids as they are my absolute world.

Things have been going well on that front. Ive been putting on this “snow white” persona where I agree to what Trudy says, I dont argue, I dont fight…. I just lay down. I make sure that I am supportive of her decisions, (even if I dont agree) If there is conflict with my kids, I take her side.. and make sure I’m following through with her wishes.
Its been great. We have been getting along, I’ve been getting more time with my kids . life is great!

Then one day it happened. I asked if she would be agreeable to a 50/50 custody arrangement.. she replies ” go for it”

Not sure what that means…….

I ask her.. is that a yes, or a no. She replies “well if you ask the court for it, you’re going to get it anyway” ….. umm say what!!??!??! You’re agreeing??

Then Covid hits. Courts close… I cant do anything.

Months go by living by our same arrangement, seeing my kids, getting closer to my kids.. my son turns 13, my daughter is now 10.

Then it happens… again.

Im dropping my son off after picking him up from creating his first bank account. Trudy tells the kids to go inside that she needs to talk to me. Immediately I can tell this is a serious talk. Ol Trudy doesn’t just strike up random conversations.

Then it jaggedly rumbles out of her mouth…. ” Were you still wanting more time with the kids?” ummmm.. #$)#E*$)#$!!!(#@#…..

Calmly…I reply…. “Yeah of course”

She asks what I’m thinking for custody… As she asks me, I’m looking around to see if this is an episode of Punkd or some horrible joke…. nothing.. Ol Trudy is serious!!!

I explain a 50/50 scenario, and she doesn’t say no…. she does however suggest letting me have them every monday as well as every second weekend as a “Trial” run.

Im passed a trial run by now.. this has been 9 years of me wanting my children. I tell her that I will come up with a few different ideas, and will have my lawyer get ahold of her when its done….

Simple right????

Not so much.


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