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Time to clear the air… oh.. and QUESTION DAY!!!!

I want to take just a few quick seconds to clear the air on a few things. I started this blog to help people. To be as transparent as can be, and help people learn from MY mistakes, and make better choices.

In no way shape or form have I ever disputed the fact that I need to pay child support.. I’ve paid child support for 7 out of the 8 years we have been separated. There’s no need to hide behind your little computer and call me out and call me a deadbeat. If you would read the rest of the blog, you will see that that is not the issue. I was simply open and transparent to my mistakes, so others wouldn’t make the same ones.

As I said on another post. I have no problem paying child support.. When Trudy has money, that means my kids have money. END OF STORY.

Now… thank you for all the emails. Getting emails from you guys has been amazing. I knew going into this there would be haters… that people would make it all about child support. Which is what is wrong with our system. No one focus’s kis on time spent with the kids, or what parents can do to make sure everyone is involved… its about child support. Time to get off that. The kids need their mom/dad as much as they need child support.

Anyways… HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! Feel free to comment on this post, and ask all the questions you want. Bash me, coddle me, yell at me.. I don’t care. Lets hear it!!! Love you all!!


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