Easy Advice for a Tough Situation

Roller Coaster of Ups and Downs.

“Don’t tell my brother?!” Are you kidding me. I’m not sure this is something that is going to be easily hid.

But we tried.

Parties continued, Trudy and I continued. While parties were going on, we’d head behind the house to do what we needed to do.

Then one Sunday morning after crashing on Ryleys couch, he asked me what would forever change my life. He asked if I wanted to move in and be his roommate. First of all im 25 now… am I too old for roommates? At the same time, its getting kinda old living with my grandma.

So I did.

Doing this I knew that the situation with Trudy was going to be complex and complicated.

We kept up our secret. We became very close, and Ryley just kinda figured that we became really close friends. When Ryley and his friends were around, Trudy and I kept our distance from each other. When she came over, as soon as Ryley was in the other room, we would get as many kisses in as we could, and then separate.

I even remember one day, we were heading down to the local pub, Trudy was over, and Ryley needed to shower. Ryley had an ensuite bathroom that he always showered in. We kinda thought it would be fun to get freaky on his bed, while he was in the shower. Maybe disrespectful, but at this point, so was everything else we were doing behind his back….

He never found out about that freaky lil activity. In fact, he never ever knew about any of it. We hid it very well. I talked about other girls with him, even made up stories about girls that I was hitting on.

Trudys parents were none the wiser. They had no clue. Or did they? Trudys parents and brother were heading to the family cottage for a week, and Trudy was staying home because she had to work. Her and I spent the entire week together. It was our little test to see how we were together for a long period of time. We had an amazing week together. Cooking, cleaning, making love, just being with each other.

When Trudy’s parents got back, here mom made a point of asking “Did you see Jay this week” Trudy replied that yes she seen me, that she brought over some food for me one night. Her mom kinda smiled, and let it go. Hmm.. did she know?

About a month later, Trudy came over while Ryley was at work. She gave me the biggest hug she had ever given me, and told me she needed to talk to me.

“Uh oh…. thats never good. Im probably getting dumped.”

She says “I havent had my period in a while”


I asked if she had taken a pregnancy test.. She hadn’t. So we hopped in my truck and drove to a walk in to get tested. Sure enough… Trudy was pregnant.

All the excitement of sneaking around suddenly came to a halt. Our situation was quickly becoming a reality. She was pregnant, and we were going to have to do the one thing we didn’t think we would have to do for a very long, long time. We were going to have to tell people.

Keeping the child or not was never a question. We were doing this, and we were doing it together. Among many questions, one was really sticking out… “when do we tell everyone”

Trudy and I talked every chance we could and tried to figure out how we THOUGHT this was going to play out. Maybe Ryley was gonna be okay with it… maybe her parents were too. Her parents loved me, so I don’t see why this will be such a bad thing? Ryley might be shell shocked, but he’ll come around.

After weeks of trying to convince ourselves that we need to tell her parents and her brother, we decided on a date. A date that I will LITERALLY never ever forget.

Dec 3rd, 2006

December 3rd came and Trudy came over. We were going to meet Ryley when he got home and tell him first.

Ryley walks in the door, and he was surprised that we were sitting there together. Wondered why Trudy was over. We told him we needed to tell him something.

He sat down.. and you could see some worry on his face. He asked “okay whats going on”

Trudy says “I dont know how to even tell you this, but Jay and I have been seeing each other for a few months.. and i’m pregnant.”

He sat there for a second and could only reply “seriously?”

We told him that it was true, and that we love each other, and that we are going to stay together and raise this kid to the best of our ability.

He then got very angry, and very quickly. Understandably he asked how I could do this to him, and how could we not tell him. He asked if we had told their parents yet? Trudy told him that we hadn’t, and that we wanted to tell him first.

Ryley then got up and walked out of the house. Trudy begged him not to tell her parents, that she wanted to do it. He didn’t reply and he drove off. He came back a short time later, and told me that I needed to move out. Which I completely understood. I asked when? Could I move out on the weekend? He told me he wanted me out right now. ..

Trudy told me that she wanted me to wait here while she told her parents. So I did… I started packing. She told me she would come back no matter what after she told her parents and we would figure out what to do next.

Trudy never returned that night….

But her dad did..


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