Easy Advice for a Tough Situation

Insight into the past.

Before I continue with the rocky road that has been the last 8 years, Id like to give the back story as to how this entire relationship got started. I wasn’t going to tell it, and focus on the separation, but I think that my story might really resonate with some of the readers. It was an unusual start, but a hell of a story.

It all started in 2006. I had just gotten out of a relationship, and needed a change. I moved in with the one woman I knew wouldn’t hurt me… My grandma. I was 24, and was starting over. I moved 4 hours to the small town she lived in, and I was gonna make a go at a new life. My grandma is a sweet old lady. Very posh, very clean, amazingly white hair, but glamorous non the less.

I was working 2 jobs which kept me out of her hair, I didn’t have any sort of social life, or love life which was completely fine with me. I worked, and then came home to bed, got up the next morning, and did it all over again.

Summer time came, I had noticed a moving truck next door. Seemed to be a younger guy. I figured “meh, we’ll see… maybe ill get to know him” A few weeks went by.. everything seemed quiet. and then it happened.. This tiny lil cul de sac that my grandma lived in, turned into a party zone. Our new neighbor was indeed a young, single guy… he also loved to drink. The old me would have loved the sight of this. Not the new me. I was working 2 jobs, and I just wanted to sleep. I remember laying in bed one night, and they were so loud next door… people coming and going, fires, drugs, drinking.. you name it. I decided to open the window and yell shut up as loud as I could. Didn’t matter, they either ignored me, or didn’t hear me. I’m guessing they ignored me.

A week went by of non stop partying. It was driving me nuts. Luckily my grandma slept like a rock and never heard any of it.

I came home from work one sunny Friday afternoon. I had a long ass day. I was dirty, grumpy, and just not in the mood for people. I rolled up to my grandmas house, and there was my neighbor.. I was going to say something now, So I get out of my truck, and it went something like this:

Ryley: “Hey man, I’m Ryley… i’ve seen you around the last couple weeks. Hope we haven’t been too loud.”

Me: Im gonna lose my shit right now…. “Nah, you guys have been alright”

Atta Tell him…

Ryley: “Ok good. Looks like you’ve had a rough day… wanna come over and have a beer?”

Me: “Umm.. nah, im good, I gotta hit the sack, I have to work at 5am. Thanks though.”

Ryley: “No worries.. come over anytime, theres always a beer in the fridge.”

Here i’m thinking… “don’t I know it.. you guys don’t do anything BUT drink”

Me: Ok will do for sure!

I go into my grandmas house, and have a shower. After I get out of the shower, i’m sitting in the living room watching TV. Outside the window beside me is Ryleys house. Something catches my eye. I look out of the window, and there is a beautiful girl coming and going. Maybe a tad creepy, but I just keep watching. Is this Ryleys girlfriend? A friend? Who the eff is this?

Finally curiosity killed the cat. I put on a nice shirt, nice pants, grabbed a case of beer out of the fridge, and walked over. She was gone. Dammit!!

After chatting and having a few beers with Ryley I came to realize hes a decent dude. Bit of a partier, but not bad. I couldn’t muster up the balls to ask who that gorgeous brunette was, so I left it alone.

I stayed for a few drinks, and then called it a night. Again, working 2 jobs, I had to be up and out of the door by 5.

The next day when I got back, Ryley and his friends were in the yard. Ryley called me over to introduce me. I was dirty again.. literally looking like I had just got off the farm and had been rolling around in a field.

I went over and introduced myself. There were a couple guys, and a couple of girls, but not the one I was looking for. Where the heck was she, or Who was she.

Finally Ryley says “Where is Trudy?” umm who now? Trudy? Yes please.. that has to be her.. she looked like a Trudy.

Turns out Trudy was inside. Sure enough, this girl that I seen the day before comes walking out of Ryleys house. Ryley introduced her, and I tried to not make it obvious that I was ridiculously attracted to her. I calmly said ” Hey.”

….. Yup.. that’s all I could muster.

I sat and had a couple drinks with them, and before I knew it, everyone was gone. Just Ryley and I left there. I started asking about everyone that had been there. I really didnt care about anyone but Trudy, but I had to play it cool and calm. I kept asking about everyone I met, and then he said it. One of the guys that was there was his good friend Tony. Tony and Trudy were dating. Trudy also happened to be Ryleys sister.

This made things interesting.

I played it cool. Just chatted about how nice everyone was.

Two weeks went by, and I didn’t really hang out with my new friends. I was busy working, I went home to visit my family, I had a reset.

I came back to my grandmas one night, and ran into Ryley out side. He said he was throwing a party tonight… that I should come over. Trudy was in Africa for a week, but got home earlier, so he decided to throw a welcome home party.

I agreed to come over.

With the party in full swing, I was meeting so many people. So many that I had no idea who any of them were, couldnt remember names, or how they knew Ryley. I just sat at the table playing drinking games, glimpsing over at Trudy every once in a while.

With the night dying down, we could hear screaming outside. Not scared, I’m being killed screaming, no no.. ‘I’m pissed off and gonna kill YOU screaming’

What was going on? Ryley and I run outside, and there is Trudy hitting Tonys truck with a large stick. Yelling and screaming that he’s a loser, and he should rot in hell, and that she doesn’t ever wanna see him again.

Obviously i’m concerned… right? Well kinda. This Tony guy is a new friend but at the same time, I think hes getting dumped.

After all the screaming and yelling, it was found out that Tony had cheated on Trudy while she was in Africa. He told her, hoping she would forgive him. She didn’t.

Trudy went inside and locked herself in the bathroom. Ryley tried to talk to her, but she wasn’t having any of it. He asked if I could try talk to her, and at least get her out of the bathroom. I knocked on the door and asked if she was was ok. She replied ” I am, I just want to be left alone” I told her “I cant do that, that I was hired by her brother to make sure she was ok.” I could tell this lightened the mood up a bit, and she opened the door. I went into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub. We chatted for about 20 minutes, telling her about my history, and why I had moved to this town, and that a girl broke my heart. We had something we could connect with, as tragic and heartbreaking as it was.

She told me she wanted to go home, and that her mom was coming to pick her up, but she wanted to get some fresh air so her mom wouldn’t see that she was crying.

She asked if I would walk with her outside till her mom came, and I agreed. Of course I agreed.

We got onto the street, and her mom called. She hung up the phone and said her mom was coming to get her. I told her ok that I would wait with her till she got there.

She says to me.. and ill never ever forget it. ” you have 15 minutes”

I thiiiiiiiiiink I know what she means, but I have been wrong about this in the past. Plus.. she just broke up with her boyfriend…

I ask her “15 minutes for what?” She replies ” to do whatever you want”

Umm say what now?! I have no idea what to say to that.

I look over at her, and shes looking right at me, “is this a movie?”

If I don’t do this now, will I ever?

So I grabbed her, brought her closer to me, and gently kissed her. We kissed for what seemed like an hour, and before I knew it, we seen headlights coming closer to us. We stopped.. walked back onto the street and waited for her mom.

Her mom picked her up, she got in and closed the door.

I stumbled back to the party. Everyone had left. Ryley asked where his sister was, I told him that his mom had picked her up.
I finished my drink, and headed back to my grandmas. I couldn’t get my mind off of what just happened. What do I do next? Was this just because she had been drinking?? I fell asleep with many thoughts and dreams running through my head.

I woke up the next morning… and there it was. A text.

“I had been thinking about you the whole time I was in Africa, i’m so glad you kissed me last night.”

“Lets not tell my brother.”


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