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Question Day!!!

First of all, I wanna give a shout out to each and everyone of my readers. Thank you for checking in day in and day out. Its been a fun first couple of weeks and cant wait to keep posting content for you to read, and hopefully help some of you out with any issues you have.

Secondly… Happy Friday!!!! Please enjoy your weekend. There’s a ton of crap going on around the world right now .. be it politics, scandals, war… etc. Hold on to your kids tight this weekend and enjoy!

Thirdly.. I have decided that i’m going to be posting Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and have a question period on Fridays. If there is anything you would like to know about what you’ve read so far, or if you have questions about situations you have going on, and need a little advice, ask away.

Post all questions in the comments section and I promise I will answer every single one of them.

I refuse to be be the guy that hunts for views, or page visits…but if you know someone that might benefit from my blog please share it with them, share it with everyone you know.. you just never know who might be going through some stuff. That’s what this is about… helping others in the most transparent way possible.

Again, thank you everyone… enjoy your weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday with a fresh new post!!



2 Responses to “Question Day!!!”

  1. Tyson Black

    First of all… amazing blog, you keep me wanting more! Im a single dad going through a separation as we speak. Have you and your ex fought about putting your kids into different sports or activities? We have 3 kids, and we are always fighting about what we are putting our kids into.. Any advice would be appreciated

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    • thebarkingdad

      Hey Tyson. Thanks for reading and thanks for the amazing question. I went through this exact same thing. I wanted to my son in baseball and she didn’t. She never grew up around baseball and didn’t know anything about it. I was coaching that year so I wanted him in it. I just kept open dialogue with her and told her that he’s very excited about it, he wants to play, and it’s something I grew up playing and would like him to Atleast try it. If he didn’t like it. He didn’t like it and never had to play again. I told her that we should be encouraging our kids to try something new every year. She agreed. She wasn’t happy about it and wasn’t happy about me spending more time with my son than she wanted to allow. But she knew I was right. The key is to keep an open dialogue, not fight, no name calling. Stay calm and talk. If talking didn’t work that day. Shut it down and try again the next day!

      Hope this helped!!

      Barking dad



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