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Thank you for Joining me on my Journey!!

Good day to everyone, past, present and future. Ive been pondering for quite some time whether to start a blog or not. To blog or not … that is the question. Ive never done something like this, I dont know what it entails, and quite frankly scares the bejesus out of me. Something about putting my life out there for everyone to read makes a guy a tad nervous.

Nervous… but necessary.

Since 2011, I have been going through a separation. A separation that involves 2 amazing kids. I’m not an expert… wait. I am officially an expert on being dragged through the mud, and forced to fight every single day for my kids. I’m not a dead beat, I’m not a part time dead beat. I am a father. A very involved father. During the past 8 years, I’ve scoured the internet looking for advice, looking for any sort of help. Its hard to find. I’ve found biased people, I’ve found fathers and mothers with an opinion, but opinions that either didn’t fit, or were so far out of this galaxy that you are forced to just shake your head. I was literally forced to go through this on my own. Wading in cautiously… but quickly finding out you get pushed into the deep end very quickly.

So here I am finally at the end of 2019, and my battles and wars with (we’ll call her Trudy) might be finally coming to end. Which brings me to my blog.

This blog is not just for fathers. Its for parents, written by a father. I am beginning my journey into the digital realm of blogs and websites, to offer advice, to tell my story and hopefully help not only fathers, but all parents, and help parents see everything from a 360 degree view. Its hard being father, and I’m positive its damn hard being a mother. Id like to be able to shed a light, and show how every choice, every situation, every snide comment affects and changes a separation.

This blog is about unbiased, transparent advice. My email will always be splattered on my posts. Email me.. email me alot. Im here to tell my story, offer advice, and answer questions. Im not a doctor, or a therapist, or anything like that.

Im a dad.


3 Responses to “Thank you for Joining me on my Journey!!”

  1. Jimmy Qintell

    So my little guy who is 5 years old…lives with me ( I’m his father……yes hard to believe) he has a very expensive dentist appointment coming up next month. My question is this.
    I want his mother to pay for half. Is that an unreasonable request? I haven’t asked yet but I’m sure the reply will be “oh I don’t have any money” even though she lives with a gazillionare in Alberta ( Love you Alberta). That is my dilemma. So what would be your advice on this matter?

    P.S. I think your blog is gonna rock it for all parents out there.
    Cheers Dude!!

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    • thebarkingdad

      Awesome question Jimmy. I too have had the same issue with my kids except flipped around. Because my kids have primarily been with her, other than my normal visitation, she, on many occasions has asked me for money to help for pay for other things. Even though I pay child support, I still feel its within my parental duty to help pay for any and all expenses when it comes to my kids. I dont think you are in the wrong, and well within your right to ask for help. Money or not, both parents should be willing to contribute. I guess for me, I look at it as that its for my children, and its to help them… which in your case, I hope she realizes and tries to pitch in as much as possible. Thanks for the question and kind words about the blog. 🙂


      • Jimmy Qintell

        Thanks for the advice. I agree parenting is a mutual responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Regardless of her wanting to help, I will gladly pay the bill as it is the best interest of my son.


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